The Results

Big Changes in the Results

The names for the lineages have changed. I'm no longer using numbers to define lineages but rather naming them based on what I now know of them - simply, their geography during that period when they defined themselves as lineages.

After you click the link to proceed to the results page, the only way back will be to either use your "back" button or to re-enter the url for our homepage again. You'll also be leaving this nice, pretty page design to go to a basic page that allows scroling of the full width of the 67-marker test and full depth of all our members.

Increased Security to Protect Our Participants

Apparently, we have a very interesting family. It seems many people want to see our DNA, often for purposes of their own. For reasons of privacy, I keep our results behind a password and distribute that password only to members of our project. The other new feature which you won't see is a technology which sits behind these pages that allow me to see exactly which members, and non-members, are viewing our results. So if the password is given out by members of our project to those beyond the members, I will fix that very quickly.


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