Edinburgh. The St. Clairs of Rosslyn once owned a home in the city as well as at Rosslyn

Sinclair DNA - New Visitors Resources

If you've looked at other family DNA project websites, I think you'll be struck by just how different the Sinclair DNA site is. For starters, we've dug much deeper than any project I've ever seen - the information here is coming from every conceivable angle. 

This is the third iteration of this website. The last one served the Sinclair family well for many years, and when I put up all this new information, I realized there were some valuable pages on that old website that would be useful to new visitors. So they're stored here to help those just getting interested in the Sinclair DNA project. 

APPLICATION TO JOIN SINCLAIR DNA - The application and very clear steps for applying. But, please read the other links before applying.

About DNA Testing - A broad overview of what this is all about, what can be learned, how to apply to be tested with Sinclair DNA Research, etc. 

Sinclair Genealogy by Genetics, Why Test - An overview by Stan St. Clair, Co-Founder of this study.

Why the 25-Marker Test? - The minimum # of markers you may test to be a part of the Sinclair DNA project. This plus some suspected connection to our family are really the only requirements for joining.

Privacy Concerns Answered - A lengthy explanation of just what happens with your swab, your sample, your numbers, etc. by Steve on one of the Yahoo groups in answer to some very understandable concerns. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to the questions we regularly receive.

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