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A terrific discussion of the harsh realities of the study of R1b1c. When I stumbled upon this explanation online, it provided a tremendous relief and corroborated my approach to solving our R1b1c origins. As you’ll likely hear me say many times over in this report, we St. Clairs are extremely lucky in that we know our Surname is from the middle ages, it’s got a clear geography associated with it and it’s far enough back to be near to the pre-history of Europe. All these bits of information give us very good ‘data points’ to measure against. We’re not floating in a sea of nothingness like so many DNA Surname projects that are ‘brick walled’ in the 1700s in North America.

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Just for fun, the most populous surname in Scotland today is Smith with 4,291 listed.
This is fascinating –On several occasions over the last 140 years the General Register Office for Scotland has published surveys of surnames in Scotland based on names appearing in the official registers of births, marriages and deaths. This paper presents data covering the years 1999-2001 and makes comparisons with the previous surveys. It also incorporates newly available information derived from the 1901 Census returns. The main findings are as follows:
• Smith, Brown and Wilson are currently the top three surnames in Scotland;
• Smith has been the most common surname in all surveys since covering the early years of civil registration;
• On a national basis, there has been little change in surnames over the last 140 years;
• Just over 1 in 8 surnames begin with Mac/Mc;
• Patterns of surnames differ widely in different geographical areas.

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Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 16:43:14 -0400

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