Assessing Our Family Stories

Any family with ancient records from the year 800 AD will have many stories to tell. Our family seems to have had a significant role in the histories of Norway, Sweden, Flanders, Normandy, England and Scotland.

Some of these stories are more grandiose than others but all have a bearing on the genealogy of our family. The kidnapped boy, for instance, may be a connection for some of our Virginia lines back to the Earldom Lineage. DNA may, to some extent, be able to prove these stories of our family and in certain cases seems to be doing just that. Look through the lengthy articles at the links at the left as I use our DNA results to assess whether the stories have any basis in science. I think you'll find some of these very interesting. Of course, more work is needed and, in those cases, I point out the methods we're going to use to continue to prove or disprove these stories. 

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William the Conqueror  |  The Earldom Lineage  | The Earl Who Fled  |  The Kidnapped Boy  |
The Jesus/Mary Bloodline  |  Jarl Henry St. Clair  |  Northern Alliance  |

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