For Future Explorers

The last two years in our DNA project have been a great deal of work. At about the time I was admitting this to myself, my friend Mark Sinclair Staveley suggested we begin to slowly and carefully recruit even more members of the family to help run the project, help interpret results, and help recruit.

As we move forward, we'll be watching postings to our Clan Sinclair Discussion Group on Google to see who is rising to the top and willing to help manage and lead this project. We're going to be very careful, of course, to make sure we follow the highest scientific standards and to continue to respect our members results, privacy and ongoing needs.

So, please join the Google discussion group, scour the web for interesting facts that may impact our project, work on finding new ways to marry DNA with other sciences and techniques. And, then, join us in furthering this project for the next generation.

An important note - We will also have a succession plan in place to protect the project and to continue to keep out those who would abuse our results. This will take the form of a charter, a trust backed with cash to keep the project going and other ways to assure the project maintains its standards to further the study and understanding of the Sinclair family for centuries to come.

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