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We currently have only one member of our project with a very unusual match pattern. His DYS390=26 is considered quite rate. If you go into and use very open comparisons between this gentleman and the full database, only a very few DYS390=26 members show up. I counted about 12 out of well over 200 allowing for genetic distance of 8.

What this means is we're looking at a very select marker. I originally thought we may be looking at a close match to our DYS390=25 group, but a comparison showed tremendous differences between these two groups. No closer than about 15/25.

The names this person is matching, both in his personal page on FTDNA and on the Ysearch database claim connections in both Ireland and Pennsylvania.

In the map below, it's almost impossible to see the light pink they're using to delineate the DYS390=26. It's just below the "9" in DYS390, and therefore likely of the germanic tribes.

DYS390=26, like many of us, Germanic tribes

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