This group likely spent significant time on the Iberian peninsula

Sinclair DNA -  DYS390=25 Lineage

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This group was one of the strange and fascinating discoveries of 2008. According to Heyer, this haplotype has an unusual match pattern. Half of its top ten frequencies fall in Spain, or among Hispanic samples in the U.S. Yet it also occurs in Northern Italy, Switzerland, and in a fair variety of locales in the Baltic region.

“This haplotype may have originated primarily in Iberia, and spread with the diaspora of Iberian Sephardim to other parts of Europe known to have substantial Jewish settlements - such as Northern Italy, Bern, Switzerland and the greater Baltic. It likely came to Britain with the prehistoric Iberians or the Normans.” (83)

This Haplogroup is called #17 in the study cited above -

Niven Sinclair and others from his lineage land on this set of markers directly. Thus, they may have an ancestor who left Israel with the Diaspora of 70 AD. Another possibility is that they stayed in Iberia after the retreat of the LGM and formed the mutations that characterize their lineage, then met up with those of the Diaspora as they headed north to the Baltic. Given Niven’s name match with an ancient family of Italy, I have reason to believe the former possibility is the correct one as Italy is east of Iberia. It gives credence to the notion of leaving Israel, spending time in Northern Italy, then moving northwest towards Normandy.

As you can imagine, given the accepted stories of our family coming from Kiev, this notion of being part of the Diaspora of 70 AD came as quite a shock.

This study of the current day distribution of DYS390 markers seems consistent with an origin of this mutation in Italy, but could also mean a dispersal out of the Iberian Peninsula. 

DYS390 distribution in Southern Europe

Another Curious Possibility Regarding This Lineage 

Summary of the Facts -  DYS390=25 Lineage,  HEYER #17
This lineage is closest to the AMH lineage out of all others in the family, but not terribly close.

They seem to have either been in Israel or to have stayed in Spain where they then joined up wiht the Diaspora of 70AD on it's way to the Baltic.

They may be very distantly related to Niall of the Nine Hostages.

Further notes - S21 negative,   AMH+ (but not exact),   Heyer #17,   5 members in lineage

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