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Sinclair Groupings - The Families of the Carolinas

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The Carolinas were apparently an arrival point for many Scots and their reasons for choosing this entry point into the colonies was sometimes arbitrary and sometimes purposeful. Dobson has a great number of books on the Scots entry into North America. There is great detail in some of these mentions and I highly recommend Dobson’s books for any studying our family.

There are records of several Sinclairs making their way to the Carolinas from Virginia. Some of these are the likely descendants of those early settlers in western Virginia of the lines of Alexander Sinkler and the Sinclairs of Sinclair Bottom. However, these records from Dobson 100 indicate that many chose the Carolinas before they left Scotland -

  • Caithness and Collochlagy, Rea, Caithness - to - Wilmington, NC 1774
  • Glen Orchy – to – Wilmington, NC 1775
  • Greenock – to Wilmington, NC 1774  (This Greenock is likely not the port just west of Glasgow, but in Glen Orchy)
  • Greenock, Glen Orchy – to – Wilmington, NC
  • Forsenain, Rea, Caithness – to – Wilmington, NC 1774
  • Isle of Jura - to – Mecklenberg, County, NC

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The story of the Sinclairs who first landed in the Carolinas will make rich and rewarding reading. Will someone step forward to help clarify this story?  See the Argyle, Canada, Exeter and Virginia links at left for examples. Send thoughts or the complete write-up to me at the Contact link above-right.


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