Sinclair DNA Overview

Overview - The Sinclair / St. Clair DNA Study

The history of an ancient family
re-examined in light of new research

by Steve St. Clair

with contributions by
Stan St. Clair,  Antonia Sinclair, Donald L. Sinclair and Rand Greubel

To say that we're an ancient family may seem obvious, as any family alive today is, by definition of being here, ancient. But not all families know their history as thoroughly as we know ours. Not all have the legends, the myths, the stories. And certainly very few can claim to be as connected to important world events in the ancient history of Europe. Having such a well-documented history allows members of our family a greater sense of their place in time, a feeling of connectedness to our ancestors. By that definition, we might feel more ancient than families whose histories are less well traced.

Now, using the Sinclair DNA website, you can help to honestly assess many of those stories and gain a far better understanding of the truth of Sinclair Genealogy. In those many links at the left of this page, you'll find the complete report, a work that has spanned 8 years now. We'll be adding to this body of knowledge as we continue to learn more.

The Full Report, at left, is the result of 18 months of very intensive investigative work on top of many years of recruiting family members to take the test. It is the culmination of a wide hunt for all kinds of historical information, compared with new DNA techniques, then mixed with a healthy dose of inventive ways to analyze all the data available.

"What a great and well laid out DNA website you have. I am most impressed, especially at how well written and concise your information is. My husband and I have been interested in using DNA to help break through brick walls, or to try to help prove relationships between early immigrants, and have participated in about eight different surname studies.I haven’t come across another website as well laid out and easy to understand as yours" - Tom & Melinda

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