Edinburgh. The St. Clairs of Rosslyn once owned a home in the city as well as at Rosslyn

Praise for the Sinclair DNA Project

"Hello Steve,  I've accessed your website and I'm impressed with the amount of data you've put together.  The eight years spent amassing the collection is truly remarkable.  I haven't finished perusing the information yet, but certainly plan to do so.  Kudos!" - Paula

"I was referred to your website today by a friend in the US.  I applaud what is obviously a considerable work, which must have taken a great deal of research to set up and prepare."  - John

"Have just read through your fascinating Sinclair Website and offer my congratulations for what a truly excellent job you are doing. Will look forward to your continued progress. Thanks again for the superb service you are providing us Sinclair descendants. All best wishes" - Jack

"I must say, you've built a impressive web site packed full of great information." - Tom

"I appreciate your time talking to me and the tremendous effort both you and Stan have devoted to this project." - Roger

"Hello Steve,  Im enjoying the research site and again, thank you for the tremendous amount of time and effort you have put into this project.This wll prove to be a most invaluable piece of work for all Sinclairs in the future, and, an example for each and every clan to follow."  - Robert

"What a great and well laid out DNA website you have. I am most impressed, especially at how well written and concise your information is. My husband and I have been interested in using DNA to help break through brick walls, or to try to help prove relationships between early immigrants, and have participated in about eight different surname studies.I haven’t come across another website as well laid out and easy to understand as yours" - Tom & Melinda

"The St. Clair Research project was of great interest and comfort to my husband before he passed away. He and I followed your work with complete fascination and I shall continue to do so. The service you're providing to our worldwide family is just incredilbe and greatly appreciated." - Lou Ann

"Your project is remarkable in it's scope and level of detail. I admit I was nervous about beginning to read on this subject but your writing style and approach to the information made it very understandable and fun to read. Keep up the good work and the great service to your family." - Betty

"The Sinclair DNA project has brought together people in my family who never knew they are related. Now we're close friends and are exploring our genealogy together. Many thanks for your hard work." - Richard

"i have to say YOU ARE AWESOME!  Thank you! i wanted to know my history!
and you are helping!"  - 'teamtaycob'

"DNA research is not easy. Researching Sinclair DNA is even more complex because of all the myths and legends. It's not easy separating fact from story but your DNA study is making it all more clear to me. Thank you and keep up the great work."  - Debra J.

"Steve, Congratulations on the new website and all the work it takes to pull this together! It is an amazing compendium of work." - David

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